Corporate Compliance

Site-specific Fraud, Waste and Abuse education and Corrective Action Plans.



Your Comprehensive Corporate Compliance Program

HCP develops a Compliance Action Plan for your entire organization that meets the requirements of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and includes site-specific online training for your staff.

Your compliance specialist helps you create your compliance committee and schedule your committee meetings. All staff and business associates are imported and checked against the OIG’s exclusion list monthly.

We ensure that all necessary policies including your code of conduct are developed and received by your staff and then store a history of their training completions thus minimizing the risk that fraud, waste abuse or inefficiency will occur.

Your Corporate Compliance Program includes:

Policies and Procedures

HCP provides customized policies for your organization including among others: Code of Conduct; patient confidentiality; records retention; and documentation practices; and effective lines of communication.

Fraud Waste & Abuse (FWA)

Learn what is fraud, waste and abuse, how to identify it, and what to actions to take when it occurs. Your program also includes the Civil False Claims Act, Health Care Fraud Statute, Sunshine Act, and criminal fraud.

Internal Monitoring and Reporting

Learn how to monitor and properly report potential non-compliance that complies with all federal regulations. We identify Medicare Compliance Officers and other key personnel and how they can be notified in the event of a non-compliant incident.

Discipline and Corrective Action

Receive policies and risk assessments to evaluate what proper disciplinary measures should be taken in the event of non-compliance. HCP provides guidance on investigation of complaints and infractions as well as your grievance procedures.

OIG Exclusion List

HCP monitors all staff and business associates and checks them against the OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE). Clients are emailed a monthly report and made aware of any exclusions. These reports are then archived online.

Business Associate Tracking

All of your Business Associates and vendors can now be managed in one location. Store all your business associate agreements or privacy contracts online. Once uploaded, HCP will notify you if any agreement expires or is missing and if any vendor appears on the OIG’s exclusion list.

Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute

Receive guidelines to comply with the Stark Law (prohibiting offering, paying, soliciting or receiving anything of value to induce or reward referrals or generate Federal health care program business) and The Anti-Kickback Statute (prohibits a physician from referring Medicare patients from designated health services to an entity with which the physician has a financial relationship with, unless an exception applies).

Medical Assistant Credentialing

In the event that you have any non-certified medical assistants that you need to perform the CPOE function in your EMR, you can have them take our approved Medical Assistant Credentialing course which, upon passing, allows non-certified MAs to perform this function.


Remember, you also have access to all of the features of our Core Compliance Program


Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP) recognizes, that in the ever-changing, increasingly burdensome world of CMS physician payment programs, you might need extra education and support. Our MIPS Plus program provides both exclusive educational materials and leading edge tools to help your organization achieve success in CMS’ MIPS program.

Exclusive “members only” MIPS Webinars. Clients have an exclusive portal and login to participate and ask questions during MIPS educational webinars. Webinar recordings will be made and available to program participants.

MIPS Insider Newsletters – Continuing MIPS Education. Clients receive continued educational materials through our MIPS newsletter, to provide timely updates on continued CMS guidance and analysis for your practice implementation.

HCP MIPS Tracker. We provide online tool stores to track your MIPS documentation, reporting metrics, and attestation process in one location. Deadline reminders and updates are included in the tracking program.

To learn more information about MIPS download our MIPS PLUS product sheet.



Encounter Review and Coding Audits

Healthcare Compliance Pros is excited to bring our decades of compliance and billing management experience to the coding process. With the “Coding Plus” program. HCP has formalized services we are already providing to our clients and brings our highly regarded service professionals into your coding audits.

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