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CODING PLUS - Encounter Review and Coding Audits

Healthcare Compliance Pros is excited to bring our decades of compliance and billing management experience to the coding process. With the “Coding Plus” program. HCP has formalized services we are already providing to our clients and brings our highly regarded service professionals into your coding audits.

HCP will develop an audit strategy for reviewing patient encounters, documentation, and coding generated. Your HCP professional will use the latest tools to review charting and billing, and generate a findings report; including provider improvement and education materials. This improvement education will also be made available on the HCP Learning Management System, for clinical personnel review at any time.

Based on your practice’s results, your HCP professional will suggest additional coding audits, to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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SITE PLUS - OnSite HIPAA Audits and OSHA Inspection Services

Healthcare Compliance Pros is available to come onsite and perform HIPAA audits, OSHA inspections or both.

HCP brings our highly regarded professionals to your location utilizing an efficient virtual protocol to complete an Enhanced SRA Review. An HCP certified professional will, interview key personnel, and enter all findings into the organization’s Security Risk Analysis tool on the HCP website. These findings will be the basis of an Executive Report that will include current security protocols, risk areas, and a complete Corrective Action Plan for the organization. Your HCP professional then works with you through the entire process to deliver results from your SRA.

Our onsite OSHA inspection includes an observational walkthrough of your facilities by an OSHA specialist. This walkthrough covers your: general work environment, workplace posters, building safety, first-aid and medical emergencies, bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, regulated waste management and radiation safety (if applicable). All of this information will be archived online and available for your review and mitigation.

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CERT PLUS - Certified HIPAA Compliance Professional

Healthcare Compliance Pros has developed a certification program for healthcare professionals wanting a more detailed education on HIPAA Privacy and Security. The Certified HIPAA Compliance Professional program is intended for officers and administrators who want to know the Why, What, and Where of HIPAA and its application within the healthcare organization. Become the valuable compliance resource within your group, and leverage extended certification in your professional career. This is your opportunity to become conversant with the vocabulary, regulatory statutes, and history of HIPAA, and how to look at your organization in a whole new way. Learn how effective HIPAA compliance can enhance your practice, your employees, and your interaction with patients. and make them feel more comfortable.

This enhanced program was developed within HCP by our R&D department, staffed by our team of legal and highly advanced professionals. The instruction is updated every year with regulatory changes and guidance from HHS, CMS, OCR, and the OIG. Courses must be completed annually to maintain certification, are self-paced, and include scenarios and testing to enhance real world application.

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