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Communicable Diseases & Infection Control

Course Details:
Category: Clinical Duration:
2 hours
Target Audience: All Employees; Clinical Staff
Course Overview: Healthcare personnel can come in contact with several people throughout their day whether it be patients, vendors, visitors, or fellow employees. It is important to understand the basics of communicable diseases and infection control procedures.

Objectives include:

  • OSHA Recommendations

  • Types of Disease-Causing Organisms (Virus, Bacteria, and Fungi)

  • Infectious Disease

  • Communicable Disease

  • Periods of Communicable Diseases

  • Defense Mechanisms

  • Bodily Protections

  • Infection Control Procedures

  • Overview of the Following Communicable Diseases:

    • Hepatitis

    • Tuberculosis

    • Meningitis

    • HIV and AIDS

    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    • Measles

    • Mumps

    • Chicken Pox

    • Rubella

    • Pertussis

    • Mononucleosis

    • Scabies

    • Lice

    • Tetanus

    • Rabies

    • Ebola

    • Coronavirus