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A: As you may well know, it seems that the government is ever changing, updating, and creating new laws on a regular basis. Because of this, HCP keeps its clients notified on a weekly basis regarding any new regulations, guidance, or other important information that comes from the federal government or any of its agencies. Where mandated, this information is also automatically incorporated into clients’ programs immediately.

A: Pursuant to government regulations, healthcare organizations and their business associates, must have a custom compliance program with HIPAA, OSHA, and Corporate policies and procedures written specifically for their group and then train their employees on these policies. 

A: Yes. When you sign up for our core compliance program, you are assigned a specialist who is available via phone and email year round. Our support includes both technical and compliance support.

A: No. Our patented software is easy-to-use, straight forward, and only continues to improve. From the moment you sign up with our services, you are assigned a specialist who guides you through the process. You may also reach out to your specialist with any technical or compliance questions at any time. 

A: Yes. We offer a free consultation and review of your current circumstances and show how our program can help fill in the gaps or create a complete compliance program. Request a free consultation by emailing [email protected]

A: While it is true that we have large institutions utilizing our services, our pricing is scaled based on the number of users added to your account. This allows small groups to have access to the same program and level of support as large health care organizations.

A: Prior to signing up, you work with and are assigned an account manager who is responsible for your billing and will activate your account with either a credit card or checking information.

A: No. We pride ourselves on our product and service, and do not require any contracts with our clients. Our services are subscription-based and service may be discontinued with 30 days written (email) notice.

A: The setup process is not that time consuming. Based upon the size of your practice, we can have your program developed and training reminders going out to your staff in less than a week. When you sign up, your HCP specialist works around your calendar and needs to ensure a successful launch of your compliance program.

A: Yes. We provide a comprehensive SRA based on the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guide. We also offer an annual review, action plan, and SRA support to help assist clients with addressing any gaps in their program.

A: Yes. With the adoption of the Globally Harmonized System, we now offer services for clients that helps train their staff on the new changes and assists them in transitioning their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’) over to the new mandated Safety Data sheets (SDS’). 

A: Yes. Within the healthcare industry, there are statutes that support the need for annual training on HIPAA, OSHA, and Corporate Fraud, Waste & Abuse regulations.

A: Yes. We assist clients who are participating in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs. You can include Meaningful Use services to your program.

A: Whether a client is going through a Meaningful User audit, RAC audit, OSHA Inspection, or other healthcare audit, HCP provides audit support services and can help clients through audits.

A: To keep the costs down, we generally like to work with our clients remotely through phone, email, and online conferencing, but we are available to come onsite to perform setups or mock audits if needed.

HCP is the best thing we have ever done. All I have to do is read my emails. Piece of cake to add and delete employees. We recently uploaded our employee handbook. This has been a tremendous time saver for me. I just refer employee questions to the site. I don’t have to keep quoting chapter and verse for every question.

Rhonda W. (25 Employees)

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