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Online Training & Monitoring

Our online tools deliver solutions and reduce an organizations education and training burden by providing the most robust online compliance training and monitoring software, which includes automatic reminders, customizable reports and more.

Client Support

We provide weekly compliance updates, and our subscribers have access to our consultants for all of their compliance issues, technical assistance and more, all at a fraction of traditional consulting costs.


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Latest News December 20th

Question about providing an electronic copy of a medical record
If the individual requests access to their PHI be provided in an electronic form or format, covered entities may choose to do so in electronic form. This may benefit the requesting individual and covered entity. read more

New Phase in Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Announced
DMEPOS replaces fee-schedule prices Medicare paid for these items with lower, more accurate prices. This helps Medicare beneficiaries save money, ensures access to quality equipment, supplies and services, while limiting fraud and abuse in Medicare. read more

Health IT Plan focuses on better sharing through interoperability
The focus of the Strategic Plan is to appropriately collect, share and use interoperable health information to improve health care, individual, community and public health, and advance research across the federal government and in collaboration with private industry. read more

Medical Assistant Credentialing Questions and Answers
Because of the CMS ruling, we determined it was necessary to create our Medical Assistant Credentialing module. We feel it is important to offer training that meets or exceeds CMS requirements, but at a fraction of the cost many other associations are charging for similar credentialing. read more