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Online Training & Monitoring

Our online tools deliver solutions and reduce an organizations education and training burden by providing the most robust online compliance training and monitoring software, which includes automatic reminders, customizable reports and more.

Client Support

We provide weekly compliance updates, and our subscribers have access to our consultants for all of their compliance issues, technical assistance and more, all at a fraction of traditional consulting costs.



Latest News January 28th

Timeline for shifting Medicare reimbursements from volume to value
Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced measurable goals and a timeline to move the Medicare program towards paring providers based on the quality of care they give patients, instead of the quantity of patients they see. read more

Medical Assistant Credentialing is more than Meaningful Use
We have been asked some questions about Medical Assistant Credentialing lately and rightfully so. With Meaningful Use, audits, attestation, and the constant changes in healthcare; questions about Medical Assistant Credentialing are expected. read more

CMS Administrator Stepping Down in February
Last Friday, it was announced that Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be stepping down in February. In her role as CMS administrator, she oversaw government health insurance programs that cover more than 100 million Americans ever year. read more

5 Compliance Tips for 2015 and beyond
Understandably, the first of the year presents its fair share of challenges for health care professionals and organizations. For many of us, especially during the first of the year, it is easier to keep tabs on our day-to-day duties, and forget about compliance. Instead of thinking of compliance as once and done or something to address if needed; we put together a list of 5 tips you can do to help you and your organization in 2015, and beyond. read more