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Online Training & Monitoring

Our online tools deliver solutions and reduce an organizations education and training burden by providing the most robust online compliance training and monitoring software, which includes automatic reminders, customizable reports and more.

Client Support

We provide weekly compliance updates, and our subscribers have access to our consultants for all of their compliance issues, technical assistance and more, all at a fraction of traditional consulting costs.


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Latest News April 21st

Tip of the Week: Hundreds of Compliance Forms and Support Documents at your Fingertips
If you are searching for any forms or documents to help manage your office or support your compliance program, look no further than our website. read more

Dedicate More Time to Meaningful Use and Security Risk Analysis
As part of both Stage 1 and Stage 2 meaningful use requirements, eligible professionals are required to conduct or review a security risk analysis. read more

ICD-10 Delay Provides More Time for Compliance
Compliance as a continuous approach is a great way to be prepared for an unexpected audit, to prevent a breach of protected health information and to prevent panic that may set in during a last minute race to complete compliance requirements. read more

2014 OSHA Inspection Plan Released
OSHA will be evaluating the effectiveness of their newly released inspection plan They will be conducting a study that is based on 1,260 randomly selected establishments. Will you be one of them? read more