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Online Training & Monitoring

Our online tools deliver solutions and reduce an organizations education and training burden by providing the most robust online compliance training and monitoring software, which includes automatic reminders, customizable reports and more.

Client Support

We provide weekly compliance updates, and our subscribers have access to our consultants for all of their compliance issues, technical assistance and more, all at a fraction of traditional consulting costs.


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Latest News July 30th

Assess Your HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Knowledge
Answer the three questions below to assess your knowledge about HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. The answers to the questions are listed in three short paragraphs following the true or false assessment. read more

Tip of the Week
Accessing and Customizing the HCP Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement read more

Healthcare ID Theft First Aid Kit
This year taxpayer identity theft has continued to grow exponentially. Providers, employees and all workforce members are not immune from being targeted. See how this has affected healthcare professionals and how you can protect yourself. read more

Tip of the Week - Summer is here, flowers are in bloom, and even the Forms section is growing!
You can count on us to increase the amount of information you have access to. Our Forms, Reference Guides and Course Library are always growing! read more