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Compliance Tip " H/R Policy Manual

H/R Compliance is mandated by federal and state laws which do far more than govern human resources policies. These laws protect the rights of employees and define employers' obligations.

Because of this, we suggest that you maintain a regularly updated H/R Policy manual for your organization. Since managers have the most significant day to day interaction with your workforce members, make sure they have a good understanding of the policies and procedures in your H/R manual. Train them so that they understand their responsibilities to uphold the standards and act as role models for other employees. Your compliance website contains a course that can be used as an H/R Manual in addition to providing annual training on your H/R policies.

H/R Course information:

  • Your online H/R course is an example of an H/R Policy Manual. It is accessible year round by all users on your compliance website and is customizable to fit your H/R compliance needs.
  • The H/R Course contains basic information which is meant to be built upon to reflect your in house policies that support federal and state regulations.
  • Depending on your planned use for this training, you can provide generic or very specific information.
  • Keep in mind that you can hyperlink to existing documents and forms if you'd like your staff to have access to these documents while taking the course.
  • This course (like all courses on the website) is printable so you can maintain a record of your policies for any given time frame.


  • When developing the training, ensure that you've included all of your H/R policies and procedures within the course.
  • Review the content of this course at least annually to make certain up to date information is being documented and shared with your staff members.
  • You must provide updates to the manual and provide periodic retraining on important issues. We recommend that you have everyone train on your H/R policies annually using your online H/R Course.

If you have any questions about this tip for using the H/R Course in your organization, please reach out to your compliance contact at Healthcare Compliance Pros or feel to send us an email at[email protected],or reach us by phone toll-free at 855-427-0427.