HCP Podcast Series 

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Episode 2

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Episode 5

Episode 1- HIPAA Myths and Misconceptions 

Join our compliance experts, Chad and Loretta, as they discuss common myths and misconceptions about HIPAA rules. This informational podcast will give you real-life scenarios and answers we have provided to our clients' questions about releasing patient information, sign-in sheets, patient identifiers, and more.

Episode 2 - Social Media - Proceed with Caution!

Social Media can be an extremely powerful tool for communicating general healthcare information to the public, creating professional connections, and sharing experiences. However, sharing too much information on social media platforms can have devastating effects on both healthcare organizations and patients if protected health information is shared.

Join Chad and Loretta as they talk about Posting with Caution: Social Media and HIPAA Compliance.

Episode 3 - Interview with Mike DeVries - Provider Relief Fund

Chad and Loretta do an exclusive interview with Mike DeVries, CFP, CHBS, EA - Owner and Business Advisor of MD Management Group where they discuss the Provider Relief Fund and Payroll Protection Act.

Healthcare professionals and business owners have had a lot of questions centered around the Provider Relief Fund and Payroll Protection Act. What is deemed a necessary expenditure? What are the best practices for record-keeping? How can I avoid having to pay any of the money back?

Episode 4: Managing Remote Workers

Chad and Loretta do an exclusive interview with Bryan Roberts - Director of Operations for Healthcare Compliance Pros, where they discuss working remote from three different perspectives. Chad Schiffman will answer questions about working remote from an employees perspective, Bryan Roberts will discuss managing a remote workforce from an employers perspective and Loretta Maddox will discuss both working in the office and working on the road.

With the shift in remote work, Chad and Loretta want to offer perspective from a company that has worked remote from the beginning. They will discuss the benefits, challenges and everything in between.

Episode 5: Security Risk Analysis - A Proactive Approach