The HCP Difference

The HCP Difference

Healthcare Compliance Pros is unique in how we implement a mix of client support and highly technical strategies to help you keep up to date with compliance regulations, policies, training, and other requirements.

So, what is The HCP Difference?

The HCP Difference Includes:

Live Support, Compliance Advisor

Compliance Advisors

As a client of HCP, you will be assigned a compliance advisor, an expert on live support to help you through every part of your compliance program.

experience, compliance

10+ Years

HCP has been solving compliance for healthcare organizations since March 2011.

compliance expert

Powered by Specialists

We have a team of compliance specialists here to help you understand and meet your requirements.

All-in-one platform, compliance platform

All-In-One Platform

Our all-in-one platform for compliance programs makes solving your compliance simple.

best tech, compliance

Best-In-Class Tech

Our technology automates your process, updates, and trains your workforce.

Compliance Program, Compliance clients, HCP

4500+ HCP Clients

We are serving over 4500 healthcare organizations nationwide.

Compliance isn't just about training, it's about
Managing Your Entire Compliance Cycle

1. Create 

Your Individualized HCP Compliance Program

HCP assigns a compliance specialist who works directly with you to create your customized program with policies and procedures tailored to your organization.

2. Implement 

Your Compliance Program Including Training and Assessments 

Employees train on your organization's customized compliance program and perform assigned compliance requirements under the guidance of your HCP specialist who is always available to provide support.

Support- We schedule and send out training reports to your administrator and reminders to your staff based on your timeframes as needed, creating a culture of compliance within your group.

3. Maintain 

Program Updates & Task Assignments Managed for You

We maintain your program by scheduling reviews and assigning compliance tasks to be performed at set intervals throughout the year.

Support- Our experts and support staff continually helps your group through compliance situations and questions that may arise.

4. Assess 

Your Compliance Program Regularly Reviewed by Your HCP Specialist

We assess your organization's compliance and will assist in creating or modifying policies and procedures, building upon your comprehensive program.

Support- We actively monitor your compliance program. Periodically, we'll guide you in performing targeted assessments to ensure your continued compliance.