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OSHA Compliance

Protecting the safety of healthcare professionals, employees and patients following all industry standards.

OSHA Employee Safety Simplified!

Receive a comprehensive OSHA Safety program that meets all regulatory requirements including annual employee training.

We develop site-specific OSHA policies and other industry standards as promulgated by OSHA and the CDC. Your assigned compliance specialist builds your OSHA program based on your organization's information. A Hazard Risk Assessment is included to identify all hazardous chemicals and/or drugs on your premises and their corresponding personal protective equipment (PPE). We identify the proper PPE for each procedure performed in your practice.

All necessary OSHA forms, logs, and posters are kept updated and made available for download in your online account. Your safety data sheet (SDS) binder is also stored online and made available to all staff. Clients are also made aware via email of any changes that may occur.

Your OSHA Program Includes:


General Industry Requirements

Established by the US Department of Labor, these are the general industry requirements and guidance materials that apply to your organizations workplace to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.
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Hazard Risk Assessment

Identify and store all necessary hazardous chemicals and drugs and their corresponding PPE requirements within your organization online.
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Fire Safety/Workplace Safety

We provide your organization with the most effective policies and procedures to ensure fire safety and injury prevention in your workplace.
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Blood-borne Pathogens Standard

In order to comply with OSHA regulations the Needle-stick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000, we provide safeguards for your organization to protect workers against the health hazards caused by blood-borne pathogens.
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Hazard Communications Standard

We train your employees on the new Globally Harmonized System including how to read and identify product labels and safety data sheets and communicate this hazard information in the workplace.​
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Regulated Waste Management

To limit exposure to blood-borne pathogens and other potentially infectious material (OPIM), we provide your organization with OSHA's guidelines on proper waste disposal applicable to each of your sites.
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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

This service provides clients with access to an online database of all current MSDS and SDS sheets provided by manufacturers and allows clients to add these sheets to their virtual SDS binder, which is made available online to all staff members. Clients receive unlimited storage for their online SDS sheets and may view or print them at any time. Further, when we receive any updated sheets by a manufacturer we automatically update your online binder with this information.

OSHA Self Inspection

Gain access to our online OSHA Self inspection to help you observe and audit your organization. This assessment may be completed annually or as often as deemed necessary for each site. It is easy to use with tablets or mobile devices to perform as you walk around your office. Clients may add notes and archive each assessment for tracking and audit purposes.

Remember, you also have access to all features of our Core Compliance solution

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If additional management of your OSHA program is required, clients may add our OSHA Plus product. This additional service provides organizations with valuable services that help them maintain annual OSHA compliance. Adding OSHA Plus to your account removes a significant burden placed on your organization and frees up your time to spend on what you do best.

Healthcare Compliance Pros is avaiable to come onsite and perform OSHA audits. HCP brings our highly regarded professionals to your locations to complete a comprehensive on site OSHA Walkthrough and Audit. An HCP certified professional will, interview key personnel, these findings will be the basis of an Executive Report that will include current security protocols, risk areas, and a complete Corrective Action Plan for the organization. Your HCP professional then works with you through the entire process to deliver results from your OSHA Audit.