DOJ Charges Operators of Bogus Medical Clinics

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced that the operators of seven bogus medical clinics were among 12 defendants taken into custody on federal drug trafficking charges that allege they diverted at least 2 million prescription pills such as oxycodone and other addictive and dangerous narcotics to the black market.

The DOJ announcement goes on to say that two indictments were returned last month by a federal grand jury that alleges members of the conspiracy profited from illicit prescriptions that were issued without any legitimate medical purpose through a series of clinics that periodically opened and closed in a "nomadic" style. In addition, the fraudulent prescriptions allegedly allowed the conspirators to obtain bulk quantities of prescription drugs that were sold on the street.

The announcement goes on to say that Minas Matosyan ("Maserati Mike") is charged with leading the scheme and controlling six of the sham clinics. Matosyan allegedly hired corrupt doctors who allowed the conspirators to issue fraudulent prescriptions under their names in exchange for kickbacks.

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