Avoid Being Frightened This Halloween, Complete Your SRA Instead!

Avoid Being Frightened This Halloween, Complete Your SRA Instead!

It's that time of year again, the weather is becoming colder and the holiday season is on its way! Before you know it, we're going to be ringing in a new year. This means you only have a few months to complete your Security Risk Analysis (SRA) for the reporting year. While this might seem overwhelming and frightening, we want you to know that HCP is here to help ease that process.

What is an SRA?

A Security Risk Analysis is an invaluable tool, it helps to ensure compliance with HIPAA's physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. SRA's help to identify areas of compliance and areas of high risk that might need attention and improvement. While HIPAA regulations do not specifically require an SRA to be conducted annually, the Promoting Interoperability category of MIPS does require that covered entities complete or review a risk assessment of their healthcare organization within each reporting period, typically a calendar year.

How can HCP help?

HCP's SRA assessment tool will take you step-by-step through the various elements of your practice that need to be addressed. Clients with our enhanced SRA services also have the benefit of having our compliance specialists review their SRA to identify any potential high-risk areas and develop an action plan.

Plan Ahead

SRAs are nothing to be scared of and our hope is that through HCP's assessment tool and expertise, we make the process as pain-free as possible. But don't wait too long, SRAs need to be submitted to HCP by the end of the year to satisfy MIPS obligations.

Please contact us by email: support@hcp.md or by phone: 855-427-0427 with any questions or concerns about your SRA.