Healthcare Worker Medical Glove Checklist

Healthcare Worker Medical Glove Checklist

This is a helpful checklist to help you and your employees wear and use your medical gloves properly:

When to wear gloves:

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  • When touching patient mucous membranes or non-intact skin.
  • While performing phlebotomy and other vascular access procedures.
  • When processing body fluid specimens.
  • When performing finger sticks or heel sticks.
  • When touching items contaminated with blood or body fluids.
  • While treating lacerations, abrasions, and compound fractures.
  • During patient care when the healthcare worker has hangnails, chapped hands, or other abrasions on the hands.

How to wear gloves:

  • Wear gloves that fit properly. Place them to fit over your sleeve cuff.
  • Before putting on gloves, check for tiny punctures, discoloration, and other physical defects.
  • Do not use defective gloves.
  • Remove gloves before handling non-contaminated items such as telephones and when leaving the area.
  • Change gloves between patient contacts. Never wash or disinfect latex or vinyl gloves for reuse.

How to remove gloves without contamination:

  • Grasp the outside of the glove with the opposite hand; peel off.
  • Hold removed glove in glove hand.
  • Slide fingers of ungloved hand under remaining glove at the wrist.
  • Peel gloves over the first hand.
  • Discard gloves in a waste container.
  • Perform hand hygiene immediately after removing gloves.