Help Employers and Employees Reap the Rewards of Summertime

Help Employers and Employees Reap the Rewards of Summertime

Ah, summer! The weather is nice. The kids are out of school. Plus, many of us will take that much-needed vacation. For employers and employees, there are potential obstacles to overcome, but these obstacles offer opportunities including rewards that summer has to offer.

The following ideas may help employers and employees reap the rewards of summertime:

  1. Explain the time frame for employees to submit vacation requests so that you and they can see how absences could impact patient care, customer service, and/ or deadlines.
  2. Have a vacation request log that shows employees who have already scheduled for time-off and list the policy and procedures as part of the log.
  3. When possible, consider having employees attempt finding coverage for their assigned shift prior to granting time off.
  4. Explain management's right to approve or deny vacation requests if the employee does not have enough accrued time in the time off bank to cover their time. This is often an important consideration for organizations that offer health and dental benefits to ensure benefits are paid for with appropriate employer/employee contributions.
  5. During the "busy season" offer incentives or perks for employees who work during that time. For example, if you know you are busy the week prior to the 4th of July and know several employees are planning summer vacations, you could consider offering an extra vacation day for those who work that week.
  6. If you are going to be short-staffed due to lack of shift coverage, consider a performance bonus for those who are working their assigned shifts. Alternatively, if your organization is in a position to do so, consider temporary staff and/or volunteers to help you through the summer months.
  7. Some organizations consider allowing dress-down days during warm weather months. If your organization chooses to do so, it's fun to have summer themes and contests for the most creative outfits.
  8. Finally, plan a company get-together. This is a good opportunity to improve morale and strengthen relationships. The focus shouldn't be work talk; rather, it should be an opportunity to relax, be social and have fun.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but it should offer employers and employees some tips for getting the most out of the summer months.

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