Preventing Workplace Violence Incidents (Part 1)

Preventing Workplace Violence Incidents (Part 1)

There are many basic steps you can take to lessen the risk of violent workplace incidents. This post will be part of a multi-part article regarding the prevention of workplace violence.

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We hope your practice has already implemented many of these measures, but it never hurts to review them:

  • Provide good lighting throughout your facility, especially in hallways and parking areas
  • Install silent alarms where appropriate
  • Use drop safes to minimize the amount of cash on hand
  • Provide bulletproof barriers or enclosures for people who work with cash and are visible to the public
  • Ask the police to check the facility when people work late

You might also want to implement these other workplace violence-reducing measures:

  • Employ security guards
  • Keep doors to the building and certain sections locked
  • Install security cameras
  • Require employees to wear name tags
  • Provide employees with coded door entry cards
  • Require employees to turn in badges, entry cards, and other company identification when they leave the company
  • Ban former or off-duty employees from the workplace
  • Require visitors, including former employees or employees' family members, if permitted, to sign in and wear name tags