Preventing Workplace Violence Incidents (Part 2)

Preventing Workplace Violence Incidents (Part 2)

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It is essential that you train your employees in steps that they can take to lessen their risk of becoming involved in a violent workplace incident.

We recommend that you tell workers to:

  • Keep the numbers for security and the police near their phones.
  • Create a signal with their co-workers that they can use to alert others to possible danger.
  • Meet visitors in the lobby and escort them to their work area.
  • Not handle any unusual packages; contact security immediately to report them.
  • Know how to send an alarm to alert security if they're worried about potential violence.
  • Keep purses and other personal belongings locked in a desk or locker.
  • Report any signs of a break-in, or any missing items, immediately.

Your employees have to be especially careful if they work at night, or anytime when there are few or any other people in the building.

Here are some precautions they can follow:

  • Let someone know you're working late.
  • Keep the door to your work area locked if you're alone.
  • Stay close to a phone.
  • Turn on the lights; avoid using dark stairways or halls.
  • Let the guard on duty know when you're leaving.
  • Leave along with anyone else who's working late; walk to the car or public transportation together.
  • Avoid leaving work alone on an elevator or a stairway.
  • If possible, ask a security guard to walk with you to your car or bus stop.
  • Have your car keys or public transit fare ready as you leave the building.
  • Check under and inside your car before you unlock it; lock the car as soon as you get in.
  • Sit near the driver or conductor on public transportation.
  • Be alert for unusual noises or movements.
  • Walk confidently and quickly to show you know where you're going and what you're doing.
  • Avoid dark areas and unpopulated places like alleys or parks.