Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week " Developing your Corporate Compliance / Fraud Waste & Abuse Program

As CMS is focusing on Fraud, Waste and Abuse so intensely, we recommend that you review, update and / or implement your Fraud, Waste and Abuse policies and procedures.

Here are our suggestions:

Take or review your OIG/CMS Fraud Waste Abuse training. Your Fraud, Waste and Abuse training might be under the following course titles:

Corporate Compliance (CME and non CME courses)

OIG/CMS Fraud, Waste & Abuse (CME and non CME courses)

We also suggest that you review the information that is available in the Healthcare Compliance Pros OIG/CMS Fraud Waste and Abuse Reference Guide. You may want to use some of this information to further develop your policies and procedures and add these changes to your training.

If you want to download the Reference Guide to use the information as an editable document in developing your policies and procedures, just highlight the table of content tabs on the left of the screen, then copy and paste the highlighted tabs into a word document. The entire contents of the OIG/CMS Fraud Waste and Abuse Reference Guide will be transferred to your word document.