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Tips for National Ergonomics Week

The National Safety Council (NSC) reminds us that week 2 of June National Safety Week is Ergonomics Week.

Here is a list of the Council's daily ergonomics tips to share with your co-workers:

  • Monday: Keep your joints and muscles relaxed by stretching to increase blood flow throughout the duration of your workday.
  • Tuesday: Avoid muscle and joint cramps by periodically adjusting your seated position.
  • Wednesday: Practice ergonomics at work and home to avoid conditions such as overexertion.
  • Thursday: If a stretch begins to hurt, ease up on the amount of stretch and quit if you can't do it without pain.
  • Friday: Avoid straining your eyes at a computer by periodically taking time to close your eyes for a minute at a time and then focusing on an object at least 20 feet away.