Tornado Emergency Plan

Tornado Emergency Plan

The following is a template for a Tornado Emergency Plan to implement in your office.

Before a tornado: Review your escape plan (in your OSHA setup materials) to learn the route. Locate and/or designate the location of the closest tornado shelter. Your escape plan should be posted in a strategic location in your practice.

When a tornado warning is issued in which there is an immediate danger:

(1) All supervisors will instruct their personnel and any others in their work areas to move quickly to the designated shelter area.

(2) All supervisors will check all rooms in their area before taking shelter unless there is imminent danger.

(3) All employees will assist in moving patients in their areas to the designated shelter area (usually the basement) of the building.

(4) Pay special attention to patients who are in need of assistance and who require the elevator to reach the shelter area. Reserve the elevator for the individuals who cannot use the stairs.

(5) All employees must act calmly to prevent panic.

(6) Turn off all electrical equipment.

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During a tornado: Follow these safety requirements:

(1) Stay away from open areas and windows in case of flying glass.

(2) Do not leave the building unless told to do so. It is generally safer to be inside a building than outside.

(3) Go to the designated shelter area if there is time.

(4) If you are unable to reach the shelter area, take refuge under a desk or something sturdy. Avoid bookcases.

(5) If you are unable to evacuate or cannot find a sturdy object for protection, lie on the floor with your hands covering the back of your head.

In case of evacuation:

If a tornado is imminent, all personnel will evacuate the work area. Patients will be directed to the designated shelter area (usually the basement). Turn off electrical equipment, check all rooms quickly, and assist patients to safe areas. Remain calm.

Location of the designated shelter area(s):__________________________________________________

After a tornado:

When the danger has passed, the supervisor will notify all employees and others when the all-clear signal has been given.