What can Healthcare Facilities learn from the Florida Shooting?

What can Healthcare Facilities learn from the Florida Shooting?

parkland shooting Schools nationwide have been having drills intended to prepare for active shooter situations, but are the drills enough? That is a question on a lot of minds following the tragic Parkland, Florida School shooting. According to one reporter, the school was planning an active shooter drill in the next few weeks, but an armed gunman chose this week to open fire and take 17 lives.

Like schools, active shooter events in healthcare facilities present unique challenges. And while there is not a single method or way to respond during an active shooter event, proper training and preparation can arm staff members with the tools they need to determine the best option during an active shooter situation.

Unfortunately, active shooter incidents are a continuing trend and it is very important for healthcare workers to be prepared, and have a plan in place in the event of an actual shooter event.

How we can help

Our Active Shooter course can help your organization be prepared for an actual Active Shooter situation. This course is available in our Course Library and the 1st10 slides can be previewed. In addition to Active Shooter training, we offer a Workplace Violence course and a Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace course.

If your subscription includes access to the course library, this course is available to you. Simply request the course and we'll activate it for you. If you have not purchased the course library, and would like more information about adding courses to your compliance program, please reach out to your compliance contact directly orsend us an email at[email protected],or reach us by phone at 855-427-0427.