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WISHA Safety

Course Details:
Category: State-Specific Duration:
2 hours
Target Audience: Employees Residing in Washington
Course Overview: All Washington State physicians and dentists must also comply with the Washington Industrial Safety Act (WISHA) and the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) standards which meet or exceed Federal OSHA standards. This training program meets the CMS obligation and demonstrates the effectiveness of a compliance program, allow organizations residing in Washington to proactively deter and detect violations of the law.

Training Includes:

  • WISHA Training Requirements

  • General Safety Compliance Training

    • Posters

    • Fire Safety

    • Fire Extinguishers

    • Compressed Gas Cylinders

    • Natural Disasters

    • Building and Electrical Safety

    • Workplace Safety and Violence

    • Access to Medical Records

    • Monthly Safety Meetings

    • Accident Prevention Program (APP)

    • A Safe and Healthful Work Environment

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Training

    • Epidemiology, Symptoms, and Transmission of Diseases

    • Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

    • Location, Selection, and Disposal of PPE

    • Hepatitis B Vaccination Benefits and Availability

  • Hazard Communication Training

    • Special Training Session

    • Globally Harmonized System

    • Annual Chemical Hazard Training

  • Biohazardous Waste Management Training

    • New Hire Training

    • How to Handle Biomedical Waste and OPIM

    • Proper Protection

    • Storing and Disposing