Wound Cleaning and Healing 

Duration: 30 minutes

Target Audience: Clinical Employees

Course Overview: The skin is the largest organ of the body, equaling up to 16% of the body's weight and is responsible for being a barrier to protect from the body from infection and part of regulating and communicating within the body.,Proper wound care is important not just for the optimal healing of the wound, but also to limit the chance of infection from setting in. This training is for employees to develop understanding and proficiency in the types of possible wounds and how to care for them.

Training Includes:

  • Types of Wounds

    • Open

    • Blunt Trauma

    • Skin Ulcer

    • Closed

  • Would Care Assessment Steps

  • Types of Wound Tissues

  • Wound Cleansing and Debridement

  • Protecting the Peri-Wound

  • Fill the Wound

  • Secure the Wound

  • Evaluate the Healing Progress

  • Stages of Wound Healing

    • Hemostasis

    • Inflammatory

    • Proliferative

    • Maturation

  • Wound Infection Indicators

  • Factors that Delay Wound Healing

  • First Aid for Wounds