Compliance Support for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19

Compliance Support for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19

Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States on January 20th, 2020, the nation, and the world has had to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic quickly. Beginning with restrictions on traveling between countries with higher levels of confirmed cases and progressing to the shutting down of all non-essential businesses. Businesses of all kinds, the past few months have begun to reopen with the necessary precautions needed to reduce the spread of the virus.

Throughout this pandemic, one of the hardest-hit industries has been healthcare. There has been a high demand placed on healthcare workers to treat all patients, including those who have the virus, while still keeping themselves safe. To meet these demands, many facilities have relied on things like telemedicine, and new strategies to reduce the risks of exposure, including social distancing or conducting symptom screenings for everyone (patients, employees, visitors, etc.) at their entrances.

Healthcare Compliance Pros recognizes the added stress this pandemic has created for healthcare workers everywhere, and we are here to help with these challenges. As healthcare organizations attempt to return to their daily operations, certain COVID precautions need to be in place to keep employers, employees, and patients safe.

Keeping Employees and Patients Safe

What strategies and policies do organizations need to have in place to accommodate, train, and protect employees throughout this pandemic? Healthcare Compliance Pros can help your organization determine what is required and recommended, to keep things running smoothly. We offer expert advice that is just a phone call away on whatever compliance issue you may have, COVID-related or not. As part of our COVID Toolkit, we have several resources to assist your organization, including forms, training, webinars, FAQs, and handouts of the latest guidance from government agencies. Here are a few examples of what our toolkit has to offer, including:


  • COVID-19: Return to Work Guideline
  • COVID-19: Hazard Assessment
  • COVID-19: Positive Employee Return to Work
  • COVID-19: PPE Supply & Usage
  • COVID-19: Staff Daily Temperature Screening Protocol
  • COVID-19: Screening Questionnaire
  • COVID-19: Response and Recovery Plan
  • COVID-19: In-Office Visit Procedure
  • COVID-19: Employee Monitoring
  • COVID-19: Cleaning Policy
  • COVID-19: Mask Usage Policy
  • COVID 19: Risk-Informed Consent
  • COVID-19: Patient Flow & Procedures
  • COVID-19: Office Environment and Equipment Infection Prevention


  • Administrative Considerations
  • CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations
  • Maintaining Patient Privacy

  • Protecting Yourself and Those Around You

  • Returning to Normal Operations

  • The Basics


  • Facility Checklist

  • Response & Recovery Checklist

  • Minimizing Risk

  • Workplace Controls

  • CDC Information Sheets

  • Symptom Infographics

We are your Compliance and COVID Experts

This year has been a turbulent year filled with challenges stemming from the ongoing pandemic and Healthcare Compliance Pros is here to assist your organization. Let us show you how to improve your commitment to compliance and stay current with the latest COVID-19 updates. Please check out our COVID Toolkit, and contact your compliance specialist (855.427.0427) to discuss adding its resources to your existing compliance program.

To find out what Healthcare Compliance Pros can do for your organization's needs, please contact us today for a Free Consultation!