COVID-19 Spoofing Alert from the Department of Homeland Security

COVID-19 Spoofing Alert from the Department of Homeland Security

Malicious Cyber Actor Spoofing COVID-19 Loan Relief Webpage via Phishing Email

Cyber attackers are always looking for opportunities to exploit unsuspecting people and businesses, on August 12th, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) began tracking an unknown malicious cyber actor who is spoofing the Small Business Administration (SBA) COVID-19 loan relief webpage. For the full details with examples, please continue on to their website, here.

What is spoofing?

Spoofing is a serious type of scam that unfortunately happens more often than most people know. Unsuspecting victims are tricked into confirming or releasing personal information, sending money, or scammed into various fraudulent activities. Spoofing presents challenges because victims are often convinced that access to, or the release of, information is permitted. When you are "spoofed" you are tricked by the culprit as they misrepresent themselves to be from a trusted source.

How can organizations protect against spoofing and other cyber threats?

We recommend doing a cyber checkup, to be cyber-secure. Anything that individuals or organizations post online, tag, or comment about can create an opportunity for bad actors to steal identities and manipulate individuals into providing even more confidential information. If you are going to release any personal information, it is critical to make sure you know who you are communicating with. Failure to do so can be costly and may result in identity theft.

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