Last Call to Update: OSHA PPE Tool being replaced by OSHA

We have pushed back the replacement of the OSHA PPE tool untilApril 3, 2015. You have a few more days to transfer your PPE information from the OSHA PPE tool over to the new OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment.

HCP now offers an OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment (HRA) for our clients. This risk assessment is available on your Office Dashboard under the Tools & Assessments section. The HRA is an evaluation of your workplace that helps you determine what hazards your employees are exposed to and what Personal Protective Equipment they need to wear to protect themselves.

The HCP Hazard Risk Assessment allows you to document the Personal Protective Equipment that is used for a variety of situations including procedures, instruments, equipment, chemicals, gasses and vapors. The HRA also allows you to put notes for each particular situation in your practice. These personalized notes may consist of a variety of items including instructions on using PPE, a to do list for upgrading your policies on PPE for certain procedures etc. The HRA is printable and downloadable.

In the past, you had a basic tool called OSHA PPE on your HCP Office Dashboard. The OSHA PPE tool will no longer be available on our website afterApril 3, 2015. If you have used the OSHA PPE form in the past, you should log into your HCP Office under Tools & Assessments and transfer the information to the new OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment tool. If you have any questions about this process please contact HCP at855.427.0427.