Summertime Tips for Managing Time-Off Requests and the Heat!

Summertime Tips for Managing Time-Off Requests and the Heat!

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Managing Employee Vacations and Time-Off Requests

Have clear policies and procedures in place for employee vacation requests. Be sure to include the following:

  • Management's right to approve or deny vacation requests.
  • The responsibility of the employee is to cover their portion of their insurance premiums. For example, the employee should have either enough paid time off to pay for insurance benefit premiums or the means to have them paid on their own.

Have a vacation request log or calendar in the office (or department) that shows already approved scheduled time-off along with pending requests. This will help to ensure adequate coverage for the area.

  • When possible, consider having employees attempt finding coverage for their assigned shift prior to granting time off.
  • Be sure to be fair and consistent when approving time requests around holiday weekends. For example, Jesse shouldn't have every holiday time-off request granted and Bridgette never has hers granted.

Consider time-off incentives if able. For example, during the "busy season" offer an extra vacation day for those who are willing to work that week.

If you are going to be short-staffed due to lack of shift coverage, consider a performance bonus for those who are working their assigned shifts.

Consider temporary staff and/or volunteers to help you through the busier summer months.

Warm Weather Tips for the Office

  • Some organizations consider allowing dress-down days during warm weather months. If your organization chooses to do so, it's fun to have summer themes and contests for the most creative outfits.
  • Be sure to have the air-conditioner up and working. Provide fans and water to employees or patients as needed.
  • Add some summer decorations to the office decor.
  • Plan a company get-together. This is a good opportunity to improve morale and strengthen relationships. The focus shouldn't be work talk; rather, it should be an opportunity to relax, be social, and have fun.