Tip of the Week: Compliance Training Customization

Tip of the Week: Compliance Training Customization

Compliance trainingWhere should you customize your training modules?

At "My Offices" or "My Accounts"?

Think of your HCP website as a layer cake.

  • The top layer is "My Accounts". It's where most clients customize training, update billing and find the most detailed reports among other things. All module customization completed at this "top layer" trickles down to your office(s) like icing on a cake.
  • "My Offices" are you lower layers where training takes place, where you access forms and reference guides, manage your employees etc. Nothing trickles down from one office to another. All information at the Office level is stationary.

Let's look at some scenarios for customizing your training modules

with your policies and procedures:

Scenario # One:

You are a small practice with one office. You do not foresee any major changes in your office plans to open additional offices or expand. Here are some choices for you:

  • You can manage your customization at the office OR the account level as all answers will be the same. BUT you have to choose.
  • You can't do some customization of policies and procedures in your training slides at the account level and then add some changes at the office level. You will end up with slides that have been customized both at the office level and "trickle down" customization from the account level.

Scenario # Two:

You are a midsized practice with large departments. Here are some choices for you:

  • You want to divide your HCP compliance program into "Offices" to represent your different departments. You want to do this so that the supervisors can help manage the training.
  • All of your Customization is the same (Compliance officers, location of fire extinguishers, Document retention etc.).
  • You would make ALL of your module customization at the account level. It will trickle down into your departments in "My Offices".

Scenario # Three:

Your account represents a multi location practice or a large multispecialty clinic. (You have offices in more than one physical location or many departments in a large facility). Here are some choices for you:

  • You can choose to make all of your customizations at the office level. Each location may have unique policies and procedures and officers (HIPAA/OSHA officers, emergency escape routes, location of PPE etc.). No customization is managed at the Account level.
  • You can also choose to complete all of your customization at the account level and use "lists" as follows:

Our Fire Extinguishers are located:

Office A: In the lobby.

Office B: In the hallway by the break-room.

Office C: In the lobby and the exam room hallway.