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Website tip of the month " December

If you are searching for any forms or documents to help manage your office or support your compliance program, look no further than your HCP compliance website. Our "Forms Section" contains hundreds of compliance and support documents right at your fingertips. Once you login and click on an office name under "My Offices" you arrive at your dashboard. Along the left hand side of the page you will see several tabs. Click on the "Forms" tab and type a relevant key word into the search bar. Or use the category drop down menu to search within our Compliance classifications.

You can use these steps to access numerous forms like: Code of Conduct, Business Associate agreement or Notice of Privacy Practices).

These documents and forms support your compliance program and office management in the following categories:
Business Associates80
HIPAA Privacy
HIPAA Security
My Forms (You may upload your own private documents into your very own Forms Category. Ideas include benefits summaries, employee handbooks, COBRA isntructions, etc.)

Here are the step by step instructions for uploading documents into My Forms:

1.Login to your account and click on your organization under My Accounts
2.Click on the Forms Manager tab on the left
3.Click Create New Form and give your document a title then click Submit
4.Enter a set of instructions for your employees on what the document is used for in the Description field
5.Select one of our form categories to store the document from the Category drop down menu (If you want to separate your documents from those already on the website, we suggest you use the My Forms category)
6.Select the office to which the document pertains from the Office drop down menu (If you have more than one office)
7.Click Save
8.Click Choose File on the right side of the screen and select the document from your personal computer (acceptable file types are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe PDF)
9.Click Upload

There is no size restriction to the documents you upload. You can upload any digital documents (word, pdf, excel, etc) and upload as many as you'd like. When you find a document you want to use but wish to customize; download the file, edit as you'd like and then upload the finished product into "My Forms".

As always, if you have any questions about this tip or any other compliance or website question; please call or email and one of our support personnel will be happy to assist you. 855.427.0427