New 2016 Corporate Compliance and FWA Training Requirements

New 2016 Corporate Compliance and FWA Training Requirements

Effective January 1, 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is requiring sponsors to complete Corporate Compliance and fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) training for all employees of their organization and entities they partner/contract with to provide benefits or services.

To meet this CMS requirement, Medicare Part C and D sponsors must ensure employees are receiving training that is not modified "to ensure the integrity and completeness of the training." Additionally, "an organization can add to the CMS training to cover to Compliance whiteboard pics specific to their organization."

How we can help

Historically, Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP) has provided clients all necessary elements of FWA and Corporate Compliance; however, given this new mandate, HCP has developed an alternate course titled "CMS Corporate Compliance."

Starting January 1, 2016 if you participate in Medicare Parts C or D you should complete this training. This module includes complete and unmodified CMS training:

  • Part 1 Medicare Parts C & D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training
  • Part 2 Medicare Parts C & D Compliance Training
  • Part 3 Corporate Compliance requirements specific to your organization

Initial training and education on Corporate Compliance and FWA training should be completed during the orientation process for new employees. Unless the deeming exception applies to your organization, all employees should complete this training annually thereafter.

In addition to training requirements, all entities contracted to perform work related to Medicare programs are required to have appropriate policies and procedures to address fraud, waste, and abuse.

For Existing Clients:

If you participate in Medicare Parts C and D or would like to add this course, please contact your HCP client relations specialist and they will work with you to ensure your organization completes the proper corporate compliance training.

For Prospective Clients:

Do not delay! Contact or reach us by phone toll-free at 855-427-0427 for more information or to add our CMS Corporate Compliance module and ensure you're in compliance with CMS requirements in 2016.