6 Year-End Compliance Program Suggestions

6 Year-End Compliance Program Suggestions

We understand that the healthcare industry continues to face a significant amount of regulatory oversight in HIPAA, OSHA, Corporate Compliance, and Human Resources. We believe in providing you with a comprehensive compliance program that will fit your needs. The following information is an overview of your compliance program along with some helpful tips for finishing up the compliance year strong.

6 Year-End Compliance Program Suggestions

Year-End Compliance Suggestions
Gain access to Year-End Compliance resources that meet your requirements for HIPAA, OSHA, Corporate, & Human Resources, etc. within our software platform

1) Get Started - Logging into the HCP Portal:

Perhaps you've inherited the program from a prior administrator or have misplaced your login information. In that case, here are some simple instructions for logging in to your compliance Website:

1. Login to your account by going to the following URL: www.healthcarecompliancepros.com
2. Click the blue client login button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
3. Enter your username: (it's your email)
4. Enter your password: if you don't know your password, email support@hcp.md for a reset.

2) Get Support From Your Compliance Team:

You are assigned a dedicated compliance specialist. That person is available year-round for compliance and technical support. You also have at your disposal an entire team of compliance professionals to support your OSHA, HIPAA, OIG/CMS, and HR portions of your compliance program. Your account manager is available to help you with any billing questions or in adding additional compliance services.

Can't remember how to contact your specialist or account manager? Send an email to support@healthcarecompliancepros.com requesting a conversation with your compliance specialist or your account manager.

3) Get Training Your Workforce (Onboarding & Ongoing):

There may be workforce members who have not taken advantage of their training and year-end is fast approaching. If you have outstanding training assignments we would suggest that email invitations go out at least weekly to staff that have yet to complete their training.

4) Train All Providers & Employees:

Training is one of the most essential aspects of a compliance program, and it can be the most difficult to accomplish. Your staff members who have completed their courses will receive automatic reminders each year on the anniversary of their training. The annual training reminder is generated a year after the last training was completed for each course. The reminders can also be set to repeat for any staff member who continues to have past due training. Your compliance committee can also receive an Office Admin Training report, which shows all employees who have outstanding training assignments. If you or your workforce members are not receiving these reminders please let us know immediately.

5) Complete OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment:

The OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment (HRA) is required for each organization to complete at least once, then review and update as needed. Your HRA covers all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) required to be worn in your organization. The HRA is also a document requested by name in the event of a random audit. Your HRA can be accessed by logging into your account and clicking into your administration office. From the Dashboard tab, click on the "OSHA Hazard Risk Assessment" link underneath Tools & Assessments.

6) Complete Security Risk Analysis & Submit It For Review:

In accordance with 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1), the purpose of a Security Risk Analysis (SRA) is to have a corrective action plan in place to address deficiencies, then to document any updates and improvements that were made as part of your subsequent SRA submissions. At a minimum, following your initial SRA, the SRA process should be performed on an annual basis.

Although the end of the year is here, it is not too late.

We have developed a user-friendly SRA online to make it easy for you to meet this requirement. Upon completion, you will also be able to submit your SRA to us for additional review (this is a fee-based service that you can ask about). You can access your online SRA by logging into your account, clicking on your organization under My Accounts, and then clicking the SRA tab on the lower left-hand side.

Get Assistance with Your Year-End Compliance Program:

For more information, login into the HCP Portal to watch this tutorial on how to complete your Security Risk Analysis (a HIPAA compliance requirement).

Not an HCP Client yet? The fastest way for your organization to meet and understand your unique compliance requirements is by scheduling a free online consultation.

For any questions about completing your year-end compliance program, please contact the Healthcare Compliance Pros.

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December 29, 2015