Where should I go to add additional policies and procedures (customize training)?

Think of your HCP website as a layer cake. Customization will either go in My Account (the top layer) or My Offices (lower layers):

  • The top layer is "My Accounts" It's where most of our clients customize training. It is also where you update your billing profile and find the most detailed reports among other things. All module customization completed at this "top layer" trickles down to your office(s) like icing on a cake. This works best when you want multiple locations/departments to receive the same policies and procedures in their courses.
  • "My Offices" are you lower layerswhere training takes place, where you access forms and reference guides, manage your employees etc. Nothing trickles down from one office to another. All customization made in My Office is stationary. This works best for organizations with only one location/department or who have individual policies and procedures for multiple locations.

How do I Customize training?

To add or edit customization to training modules:

  • Select your account under 'My Accounts'
  • Select the course that you'll be updating
  • Select the slide that you would like to make changes to this will bring you to a page similar to the screenshot of the OSHA Poster slide shown Below:
  • Find the text box on the right (where you have the option of customizing the slide).
  • Add additional information to your policies and procedures in the text box on the right. Any content you add will appear at the bottom of the existing slide. Think of this as an addendum that highlights specific policies and procedures for your organization that are in addition to the federal guidelines in the master training.
  • Select Save Content after you have made any necessary changes or updates to the slide.TIP2

You may also view a video tutorial that outlines the process for editing modules by visiting

As always, reach out to [email protected] with support requests for your compliance program. You may also call 855-427-0427 to speak with a support team member directly.