Cover Your Attestation Requirements

Cover Your Attestation Requirements

A Two-Part Series on Attestation Requirements and Training.

In addition to Meaningful Use Attestation requirements, many insurance companies are asking for Annual Compliance Attestation for organizations to validate compliance with applicable requirements. The attestation process consists of completing 8 sections: 7 of the sections ensure compliance with Medicare requirements; the 8th section is for your electronic attestation and signature.

Why are insurance companies asking for Annual Compliance Attestation? What are the Medicare requirements? Are you required to complete the attestation? How can we help you with the attestation process?

To answer these questions, we have created a two part article series. In this first part of our Cover Your Attestation article series, we will discuss why insurance companies are asking for Annual Compliance Attestation. We will also discuss annual Corporate Compliance training requirements and how Healthcare Compliance Pros helps your organization meet the applicable requirements.

In the next few weeks we will publish the second part of the article series. This second article will discuss applicable requirements to help you further Cover Your Attestation Requirements.

Why attestation?

CMS requires oversight of FDRs (first-tier, downstream, and related entities) for all Medicare Advantage plan sponsors. Insurance companies have developed annual attestation compliance attestation to validate that each contracted FDR has met CMS requirements.

The electronic attestation must be completed by an individual in your organization who has signatory authority to make the representations in the attestation. You should enter and submit each additional NPI (National Provider Identifier) you have signatory authority for during the attestation process.

Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Compliance Training

Medicare plan sponsors are required to communicate their general compliance expectations to their FDRs through distribution of the plan sponsor's Standards of Conduct and/or compliance policies and procedures to FDRs' employees. FDRs' employees who have involvement in the administration or delivery of Parts C and D benefits, must, at a minimum, receive Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) training within 90 days of initial hiring/contracting, and annually thereafter. Plan sponsors must be able to verify that their FDRs have fulfilled these training requirements.

How does Healthcare Compliance Pros help meet Annual Compliance Attestation Requirements?

Healthcare Compliance Pros helps you cover your attestation requirements in a variety of ways. Instead of needing to take each insurance company's compliance training on each of their websites, you can simply complete our Corporate Compliance module which fulfills CMS training requirements. In addition to training, the Corporate Compliance module includes policies and procedures, information needed for reporting compliance or FWA concerns, and more. We also have a Corporate Compliance Reference Guide and a variety of posters and documents that are available to you in our Forms section.

Watch for the second part of this series to be published sometime during the next few weeks.

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