Don't SRA it Alone.. We Have the Security Risk Analysis Tools to Guide You!

Don't SRA it Alone.. We Have the Security Risk Analysis Tools to Guide You!

The last few weeks we have been educating you with our recent articles about spoofing and phishing that threaten your cyber-security! Healthcare organizations are always going to be a target from malicious characters because of the endless amount of personal and financial information that could be stolen, used, sold and dispersed. In fact, just last year the largest medical health data breach in history happened from cyber attacks! Don't let this be your organization!

One of the ways to ensure you are protected from these types of malicious cyber security threats and other threats is by completing an initial Security Risk Analysis (SRA), then reviewing and updating on an annual basis thereafter (or more frequently if needed). Performing an SRA on an annual basis will not only ensure you are fulfilling your HIPAA requirements, but it will also provide the information you'll need to have an action plan so that you organization can be better protected throughout the year.

Some questions to consider when thinking about your current SRA process: Does it outline your organization's vulnerabilities? If your SRA is a generic checklist found on the internet and is it comprehensive enough for your organization? How long should an initial SRA take? Our article, 5 Best Practices for your Security Risk Analysis can help answer these questions.

Did you know that HCP offers a SRA tool to our clients?

Our SRA tool does the following and more!

  • Provides a thorough list of the areas for analysis.
  • Our compliance department each year will review, provide feedback and make follow-up appointments throughout the year.
  • Provides corrective action plans.
  • Examines your personnel for exclusions and vulnerabilities.
  • Reviews your existing policies and procedures and examines their effectiveness.
  • Most importantly- we offer one on one support from our compliance experts!

Running a safe and secure organization is an ongoing process of having sufficient safeguards, policies and procedures in place all year, 24/7 protection! With our tool you will have support throughout the entire process of completing, reviewing and creating your own customized Security Risk Analysis. In the event that a possible breach were to happen, we are there to support you throughout it as well!

Interested in adding our SRA tool to your services? Or questions about your current SRA?

Please contact us here for more information[email protected] or by phone: 855-427-0427.