Proposed New OSHA Rule

Proposed New OSHA Rule

Last week OSHA proposed a new rule that affects the way workplaces will report workplace injuries.

It won't change the fact that you have to report injuries that occur on the job, but it could change the way you do it. Basically, if you are a workplace with more than 250 employees, you would have to submit a quarterly report electronically to OSHA.

If you're smaller, with at least 20 employees, you would have to submit the report once a year.

OSHA is giving you until Feb. 6 (approximately 90 days) to submit something in writing if you have something to say about it. With many thousands of healthcare workers being hurt on the job, anything that can be done to make it easier to report these injuries and keep it out in the open couldn't hurt. OSHA has publicly said they are trying to figure out how to cut down on injuries in the workplace. Let's hope this is a start.

We will keep you informed on the progress of this proposed new rule.