Tip of the Week: New Enhancements and Features for Management

Tip of the Week: Management Features and New Enhancements

Starting this week you will see new enhancements and features on our website.

This Tip of the Week is featuring the new Reminders Hub. Make note of this and other exciting changes you'll see in the coming weeks in your account and offices.

We would suggest that you consider using our enhanced reminders functions in your "Reminders Hub" to manage your compliance program. Of course it will help you encourage stragglers to complete their training, but it offers you much more than this.

Your new Reminders Hub offers you the ability to create custom reminders for particular management tasks, obtain specific training reports and set up automatic training reminders to staff. You will see the Reminders Hub both at "My Accounts" and "My Offices". It's listed as a tab on the left hand side of your screen.

We're sure that the new Reminders Hub will be a welcome addition to your compliance program experience.

Take a tour of your new features! The upgrades to the website as well as new options you can choose have been published for your review.

As you review the new Tools and Assessments offered on the website, you might decide you'd like some training (although all of the new features come with complete instructions).

You can always reach us by phone or email to discuss any of the enhancements and new features. Training for our new enhancements and features is available to managers upon request.