Tip of the Week: Running Reports, Week One

Tip of the Week: Running Reports, Week One " Office Level

You have access to some great tools/reports at the office level. Once you click on an office and arrive at your Dashboard, you would click on the Reports Tab to access tools and reports.

  • Access your training reports now by clicking on "Training". The training can be viewed by year and by training module. When you click on an employee's name you access a whole new list of options:
    • View employee training history, which details completion dates and certificates.
    • Access/update the employee profile including their name, email and security level. This is also where you can delete users.
    • Change email subscriptions and choose Features that employees have access to.
    • Finally, you can update employee passwords.
    • You can also access the list of employees in this office including the following details:
      • Employee Name
      • Date their Compliance Training account was created
      • Employee email.

The employee training histories and User lists can all be downloaded to spreadsheets and / or printed from your website. Next week we'll cover Reports that are at the Accounts Level.