Tip of the Week: Training Frequency

Tip of the Week: Healthcare Compliance Training Frequency

What would your answer be to the following question:

How many times can we take the Healthcare Compliance Pros training this year?

A) Once

B) Take the training once, review the content multiple times

C) Take the training multiple times, review the content multiple times

D) None of the above

If you chose C, you are correct! You can review/retake course training as often as you need to.

We offer this service sothat all participants have access to their practice policies and procedures year round (you can review the courses at any time). Just click on "Review" next to the course you'd like to look at.

You can also retrain by clicking on "retake". We give you this option for any cases of noncompliance within the workforce. Retraining is part of a corrective action plan.

Here's an excerpt from your Fraud, Waste & Abuse Reference guide about corrective action: "Appropriate corrective action should be consistent with the nature of the conduct and the surrounding circumstances including, but not limited to additional training and education should take place."

Take note: Retaking a course will Re-set the date stamp on the training. Previous training dates will be recorded in each participant's training history and can be accessed by account administrators.

Some managers reschedule training dates so that all staff members are training on certain courses at certain times of the year. This is another example of why we offer the option to retake the training multiple times.

Please make good use of the training that is available to you! If you have any questions about this tip of the week, please feel free to contact one of our compliance professionals for additional information.