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Course Details:
Category: Infection Control Duration:
45 minutes
Target Audience: All Employees
Course Overview: Accidents always find a way of happening, regardless of how many safety measures are in place to prevent them. Which is why it is important to have a basic knowledge of first aid techniques. First aid, as its most basic level, is the initial assistance given to someone experiencing an injury or illness. First aid can range from dressing a minor cut or scrape to administering life-saving CPR. This training is for employees to be able to assess first aid situations, determine the severity of injuries and.provide basic first aid steps for common ailments and injuries.

Training Includes:

  • First Aid Basics

  • Goals and Limitations of First Aid

  • Covered First Aid Topics

    • Anaphylaxis

    • Asthma Attack

    • Bites

    • Burns

    • Bruises

    • Choking

    • Cuts and Scrapes

    • Diabetic Schol

    • Dislocations

    • Electric Shock

    • Falls

    • Foreign Object in Ear

    • Foreign Object in Eye

    • Foreign Object in Skin

    • Foreign Object Swallowed

    • Fractures

    • Head Injuries

    • Heart Attack

    • Heat Stroke

    • Nose Bleeds

    • Puncture Wounds

    • Shock

    • Stroke

  • When to Call for Help

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