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Healthcare Compliance Pros is available to come onsite and perform OSHA audits and inspections.

HCP brings our highly-regarded professionals to your location utilizing an efficient virtual protocol to complete an observational walkthrough and inspection of your facilities. This walkthrough covers your: general work environment, workplace posters, building safety, first-aid and medical emergencies, bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, regulated waste management and radiation safety (if applicable).

Following the audit, HCP will discuss its findings with you. These findings will be provided in a comprehensive report and all of this information will be archived online and available for your review and mitigation.

SITE Plus+ Includes:

OSHA Self Inspections 

Healthcare Compliance Pros is available to come onsite and perform OSHA audits. HCP brings our highly regarded professionals to your locations to complete a comprehensive on site OSHA Walkthrough and Audit. An HCP certified professional will, interview key personnel; these findings will be the basis of an Executive Report that will include current security protocols, risk areas, and a complete Corrective Action Plan for the organization. Your HCP professional then works with you through the entire process to deliver results from your OSHA Audit.