Opioid Crisis Training

Course Details:

  • Category: Clinical
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Target Audience: All Employees

Course Overview: With the public health emergency of opioid addiction and overdoses it is of utmost importance to have opioid crisis training for all healthcare professionals. Within the past thirty years, under the reassurance of pharmaceutical companies, prescription opioids rapidly increased in use leading to high levels of misuse and abuse of the medication creating an opioid crisis epidemic. This epidemic is devastating American lives, families, and communities, to combat the epidemic it is important for healthcare providers and employees that may prescribe or treat patients with opioid prescriptions to be well-informed of the safe prescribing practices and the potential risks involved.

Training Includes:

  • Opioid Crisis Epidemic
  • Types of Opioids
  • How Opioids Work
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Opioid Use
  • Severe Effects of Opioid Use
  • Opioid Withdrawal
  • Addiction vs Physical Dependence
  • Recognizing Opiate Addiction
  • Doctor Shopping
  • Signs of Overdose
  • Actions to Take in Suspected Overdose
  • Overdose Treatment
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  • Safe Prescribing Practices
  • Role of Healthcare Professionals
  • Chronic Pain Treatment Plans
  • Steps to Recovery
  • Difficult Conversation Tips
  • HIPAA and Opioid Overdose