Audit Results & Documentation Re-Education with Test Questions

Course Details:

  • Category: Coding and Billing
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Target Audience: Medical Records, Billing, and Coding Employees

Course Overview: The specificity requirements of ICD-10 will give providers an opportunity to more accurately report the severity and complexity of patients' conditions. Ensuring your documentation is specific and supports the ICD-10 codes is critical to ensure proper reimbursement and is important in the event of an audit.

Training Includes:

  • Specificity of Documentation
  • Supportive Documentation
  • Code and Document Clearly in Assessments
  • Importance of Principle Diagnosis
  • Inclusion of Significate Co-Morbidities
  • Table of Risks
  • Medical Decision Elements
  • History of Present Illness (HPI)
  • Purpose of Review of Systems (ROS)
  • Time-Based Visits
  • Documentation Checklist
  • Coding Rules
  • Audit Results