Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Awareness

Course Details:

  • Category: Corporate Compliance
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Target Audience: All Employees

Course Overview: Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards helps prevent security breaches and theft of payment data. By following PCI Security Standards, you ensure your systems are secure, which means customers and patients can trust you with sensitive data. PCI training and security awareness training is a mandatory requirement for any business or organization that accepts credit cards or processes cardholder information. It is of utmost importance to have security awareness training for employees in order for them to have the skills to be able to protect account data, understand encryption, and be alerted to the types of scams.

Training Includes:

  • The Need for PCI Training
  • Data Security Standards Requirements
  • 12 Requirements from the PCI Standards Council
  • Types of Fraud
  • Breach Risks and Costs
  • Importance of Security Awareness
  • Protecting Account Data
  • Best Practices for Stored Data
  • Phishing and Spoofing
  • Preventing Skimming and Terminal Fraud