HIPAA Privacy Rule

Course Details:

  • Category: HIPAA Compliance
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Target Audience: All Employees

Course Overview: The HIPAA Privacy Rule was established to create minimum federal standards for safeguarding the privacy of individually identifiable health information. To uphold these standards healthcare organizations must implement policies and procedures to ensure that their patient's health information is protected, and their rights are being upheld. Under the HIPAA Privacy, Rule organizations must comply with HIPAA regulations to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their patient's Protected Health Information (PHI). This training provides employees with the knowledge to be compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Training Includes:

  • Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
  • Business Associates Agreements
  • Uses and Disclosures of PHI
  • Treatment, Payment, Or Healthcare Operations (TPO)
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) Limited Data Set
  • Required Uses and Disclosures of PHI Without and Authorization
  • Restrictions for Use and Disclosures of PHI
  • Reasonable Reliance
  • Accounting for Uses and Disclosures
  • Mitigating Accidental Disclosures
  • Retention of HIPAA Related Records
  • Fundraising, Marketing, and Research Authorizations
  • Reasonable Safeguards Protections
  • Minimum Necessary Standards
  • Practices for Communicating PHI Securely
  • Standards of Practice for Patient Identification
  • Handling Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Auditing of Patient Records
  • Medical Code Sets
  • Destruction of PHI Requirements
  • Patient's Rights of Access
  • Amending Patient Records
  • Enforcement Actions from the Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Penalties and Violations
  • HIPAA Training Requirements