Records Management

Course Details:

  • Category: Human Resources
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Target Audience: Administrators; Employees working in Medical Records and Retention

Course Overview: Records management is the systematic control, maintenance, storage, and disposition of recorded information kept in any media. This training is for employees to gain proficiency in the requirements in their role working in records management. Including the types of records, how they are used, stored, accessed, destroyed, or permanently retained.

Training Includes:

  • The Lifecycle of a Record
  • Creation
  • Active Use
  • Inactive Use
  • Disposition
  • Federal Regulations
  • Record Media Types
  • Record Storage Management
  • Proper Disposal of Records
  • Records Management Program and Policy
  • Record Retention Schedules
  • Storing Data Backups
  • Data Escrow Services