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Advanced MRI Training

Course Details:
Category: Imaging and Radiology Duration:
45 Minutes
Target Audience: MRI /Radiology/Imaging Employees
Course Overview: As a follow-up course to the Basic MRI Safety (Level 1) training, this course provides Level 2 training for MRI Safety. The MRI scanner is a very large and powerful magnet and requires proper training and understanding of all employees that may operate it or work near MRI machines.

Training Includes:

  • 4 MRI Safety Zones

  • Hazards of the MRI Environment

  • Magnetic Fields

    • Fringe Field

    • Missile Effect

    • Rotational Effect

  • Contraindications

  • Participant Care

  • Temperature Controls

  • Potential Dangers

  • SAR Limits and Monitoring

  • Possible Emergency Situations

  • Safety and Training