HCP Management Tip of the Week: Manage your Training Assignments!

HCP Management Tip of the Week: Manage your Training Assignments!

When you add new employees to your organization, they will automatically be assigned all of the training available. You must edit the assignments to meet the needs of your new employee. CME credit courses for credentialed employees and regular courses for the remainder of your staff for example. Or if you've added additional training like Customer Service Skills from the Course Library that just goes to your front desk staff for example, make sure they are the ones who are assigned this training.

You should also edit the assignments for management when you are part of an organization with multiple offices/locations. Your office admin personnel should only be assigned training at one office. You don't want them to receive past due invitations for training in each of your offices especially if you have several!

Here are the written instructions for adding/removing training for your staff:

  1. Login to your account and click on My Offices.
  2. To assign / change training: Click on the Employees tab and click on the employee that you would like to edit course assignments for.
  3. Click the "+" or "-" button underneath the Add/Remove column for each course that needs to be changed.

If you have questions about this process or any other website management process, please reach out to one of our HCP support personnel.