May is Improve Your Posture Month

May is Improve Your Posture Month

This May is, "Correct Your Posture Month" it is a great opportunity to take a look at your posture and find ways to improve it. As you are reading this, check your posture. Is your spine long and strong, or are you hunched over? Shoulders back, chin up? Make the necessary adjustments, stand up and stretch if you've been sitting a while. The goal this month is to encourage us to think about the way we align our bodies during the different activities we perform every day.

Good posture takes practice, this month focus on the following tips:

  • It's important to stretch and move every 30 minutes if you work at a desk.
  • Strengthen your core muscles and improve your balance.
  • Keep moving, take the stairs.
  • Check your ergonomics. Are you able to reach the floor easily in your chair? Is your keyboard too high or too low?
  • Is your car your office? There are ways to make your ride ergonomic, too.

Ergonomics in the Office Environment

Healthcare employees have a wide range of jobs that require different amounts of sitting, lifting, walking, and standing. Posture is important for all employees and we can help.

In our course library, we offer Ergonomics in the Office Environment. In addition to the tips above, the course includes a description of ergonomics and the types of ergonomic injuries employees may encounter in the office environment; causes of musculoskeletal disorders and cumulative trauma disorders are explained; and an in-depth explanation to the employee how to prevent these injuries.

If you have questions or if you would like more information on this course, please contact us by phone: 855-427-0427 or by email: