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Releasing Records of Substance-abusing Minor

Q: A 16-year-old patient has admitted to extensive substance abuse, which is documented in his medical record. His father is requesting the record. Must we obtain the patient's authorization prior to releasing? A: Under federal law (42 CFR,...

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"You're Fired" (part 2): For Cause

Scenario: Your employee has been with the company for two years and, despite supervisory training and coaching on her performance and the company's expectations, her performance remains sub-par. Her repeated mistakes and lack of productivity...

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List of Excluded Individuals and Entities

OIG recently posted the latest updated exclusion and reinstatement files. The "Updated LEIE" (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) database file reflects all OIG exclusion and reinstatement actions up to, and including, those...

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OSHA Inspections: Small Practices Are Targeted

Regarding OSHA inspections, we recently received the following question from a client; the answer may surprise you. Q: I'm taking over OSHA compliance for our medical practice and the previous safety officer is telling everyone that OSHA will...

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Reasonable Safeguards *Reminder*

HIPAA requires that covered entities have in place "appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards" for protected health information (PHI). The Privacy Rule, which also extends to non-electronic information, does not...

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"You're Fired!" (part 1): The Lay-Off

Scenario: For financial reasons, your practice has decided to implement a reduction in force, and affected employees need to be told that they are being laid off. What do you do now? The single most important facet of communicating to an employee...

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