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Faxing Protected Health Information

Recently, a client called in requesting clarification of whether or not they had violated HIPAA Privacy rules due to faxing protected health information (PHI). The following was their scenario and our answer: Scenario: Last week, a private...

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Monthly Check of Fire Extinguishers

Q: Does OSHA require a monthly check of portable fire extinguishers? A: Yes. The OSHA standard for portable fire extinguishers 19 10.157 requires a monthly check. Each month check for: * proper location; * accessibility and visibility; * intact...

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Small Mercury Spill Cleanup Instructions

We recently had a few questions regarding how to handle a mercury spill. We hope that the following instructions will help you if you have that kind of spill in your practice. (1) Put on rubber, nitrile or latex gloves; (2) If there are any...

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“No-Match” Letters Resume After Three-Year Hiatus

The Social Security Administration recently announced that it would once again be sending “No Match” letters to employers. “No Match” letters are intended to advise employers that there is some discrepancy in the SSA records between the...

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IRS Issues Guidance on Form W-2 Reporting for Costs of Employer-Provided Coverage

Many offices have inquired bout the recently issued Notice 2011-28 from the IRS, which provides greater clarity to employers in connection with how to administer new Form W-2 reporting requirements for costs of employer-provided health coverage....

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Attestation for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program Begins Now!

Eligible professionals (EPs) can now attest through the CMS web based attestation system and be on their way to receiving Medicare EHR incentive payments. Several new CMS resources can help you successfully navigate the Medicare EHR Incentive...

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